About Me

Date of Birth :- 25 January 
Education :- Self Trained


My thoughts about Art

Art is pure Joy. Art is a creation that inspires, motivates and gives joy to the world and myself too. Art is an experience to be experienced and to be seen as pure art. And it should also give the experience of pure joy to all human beings . My art is created by heart. I love to express the pure joy within us. We as a human being are very richly gifted with inner beauty of Peace, Love, Harmony, Child like innocence.. Faithfulness .. Truthfulness.. With all these blessings from God, I am always delighted to explore the real and truthful world within & outside. I feel there is a beauty in simplicity and beauty in the intricacy of nature. We all have been specially gifted with a smile to express our joy and happiness, I like to share this joy through my Paintings with everyone in this world beyond words, languages and borders. In my Paintings I love to express our blissful nature within. I feel like a ” Child in Wonder” ! The beautiful world of a child with unconditional love fills my heart with joy and these intuitive thoughts arising from with in paints my imagination with enthusiastic expressions filled with innocence and playfulness . . . This lovely springs of inspiration flows effortlessly through my creations and spreads eagerly on my canvas awaiting to express the joyful world of children in ” Gurukul “.